Meet Us

We are Minnesota based cabinet making professionals who enjoy the outdoors, especially if it means lounging with friends over some excellent grilled whatever.

We’ve got over 50 years combined experience in the trades and we know good quality when we see it. We also know good customer service – all you have to do is call us to know that.

Our cabinets are durable and perfect for your outdoor living, whether that’s poolside, in the garden, or for your latest grilling extravaganza!

Tom Ilstrup
Owner / Contractor / Cabinet Maker

Tom is our main man, the owner of Premier Exterior Cabinets. He is our contractor/custom cabinet maker/handlebar mustached guy. He’s going to build your cabinets with his team of custom craftsmen. He’ll probably be laughing and smiling and being a smart alec while he’s at it.

Barrie Seifert
Interior Designer

Everybody loves Barrie. You will too. She’s our Interior Designer Extraordinaire. She’s got some style sass, some serious design skills, and some awesome hair. She will make sure you get what You want, not what someone else thinks you should have.

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